Will Dry Eyes Make My Eyes Sensitive to Light?

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One of the more common effects of dry eyes entails an increased sensitivity to light. The light can cause an already dry tissue to feel worse and it will negatively impact your vision. With the necessary treatment, you can find some relief to this problem. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Tepper at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL can review your existing dry eye condition and find a suitable treatment that works.

Various stimuli can make an impact

Dry eyes can prevent your eyes from receiving the hydrating water barrier necessary for protecting them from excess stress from light. Too much light exposure can add undue stress and heat to the eyes, causing the dry eye to become worse. The problem can be accentuated further if you aren’t producing enough natural tears.

Some of the more common forms of light exposure that can irritate dry eyes include fluorescent lights, computer screens, bright television screens, and various flashing lights. Sources that have significant amounts of blue light can also be a problem for your eyes.

Nerves in the eye will experience harm

Your eyes will become increasingly sensitive from nerves in the eyes wearing from light exposure. The trigeminal nerve that appears near the cornea is one area that can experience extensive irritation. Inflammation in the area can cause your eyes to become sensitive, as the nerve won’t be capable of processing light as usual.

Photophobia can be a problem

Your dry eyes will also trigger photophobia, a condition where photosensitive cells in the eye aren’t able to transmit light to the brain. The condition makes it harder for the eyes to remain stable and healthy in bright conditions. Proper lubrication from your natural tear production is necessary for preventing photophobia because tears help protect the eyes from the spread of dangerous bacteria.

Can my dry eye syndrome be resolved?

Dry eyes can be treated with Dr. Tepper and the team at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL. Various procedures and treatments can help resolve your dry eye condition.

Depending on your needs, you could benefit from treatments like punctal plugs to prevent tear drainage or prescription medicated drops for your eyes. Intense pulsed light treatments can also restore the functions in your eyes and reduce how materials form. The specific help you’ll require will vary surrounding your needs, but you can expect a sensible treatment to work well.

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The right care for your eyes is necessary for keeping dry eyes under control. You can contact Dr. Daniel Tepper and the team at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL for help with your dry eye condition today. You can find us on West Division Street near the Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. Visit us online to schedule an appointment for eye health services and to learn more about how you can get this condition resolved before it can harm your eyes even further.

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