My Eyes Are Sensitive to Light. Why Is This Happening?

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Sensitivity to light can be an annoying and debilitating problem for millions of people worldwide. It can lead to redness, irritation, inflammation, and discomfort. It can also change one’s eyesight, causing visual disturbances. But our expert optical team at Wickerpark Eye Center, led by Dr. Daniel Tepper, will create a comprehensive treatment plan just for you.

We’ll weigh all relevant factors to help you find the relief you deserve, so you can once more enjoy all the things you love to do. The only thing you have to do to get started is contact us or visit us in Chicago, IL.

Why are my eyes sensitive to light?

One possible cause is allergies. Allergens may set off a cascade of negative responses throughout the body, including the eyes, leading to blurry vision or even sensitivity to light. These symptoms are typically accelerated or caused by inflammation.

The inflammatory response isn’t necessarily bad; in fact, some degree of inflammation is necessary for overall health since it’s the body’s way of responding to a potentially harmful foreign substance. The subsequent release of histamines and other chemicals causes, among other effects, the nearby blood vessels to swell.

Yet when this response goes awry, we suffer from systemic issues, including the dreaded allergies that may play a role in ocular sensitivity, both in response to light and a general sensitivity that may cause day-long discomfort.

Another reason may be dry eye syndrome, which is one of the leading causes of sensitivity to light. Dry eye syndrome is typically the result of improper tear production: either inadequate quantity or poor quality. However, sensitivity to light can also result from an infection, past treatments such as LASIK, or other underlying issues. Therefore, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem at Wickerpark Eye Center to ensure your optimal outcome.

Lifestyle factors can also influence sensitivity to light

Eye strain can also play a prominent role. Eye strain is usually due to extended activities that require focus. This includes driving for a long time, working with or looking at screens without a break, or reading for prolonged periods without giving your eyes a moment of rest. As these are activities that may be necessary for one’s career or lifestyle, it becomes clear why ocular sensitivity is such an ever-present concern.

Lifestyle modification strategies could prove helpful. For example, try to avoid allergens and irritants by planning outdoor time accordingly, wearing sunglasses, or using the air conditioner when inside or in your car. It also helps to prevent it from blowing directly onto your eyes. Additionally, it’s best to avoid environmental pollutants and hazards like cigarette smoke. And if you spend a lot of time looking at screens, either for work or leisure, don’t forget to take frequent breaks.

Eye health and comfort are just a call away

Light sensitivity can put a crimp in your plans for a fulfilling and varied lifestyle. But you can fight back by seeking a professional opinion and treatment plan devised by our expert opticians at Wickerpark Eye Center.

To rid yourself of the annoyance and struggle of discomfort and visual disturbances, get in touch today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Daniel Tepper. Or, pay us a visit at our practice in Chicago, IL, and you’ll be seeing and feeling better before you know it.

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