How Effective Is IPL Treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms?

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Dry eye syndrome is an uncomfortable, life-disrupting eye condition. In addition to dryness, this eye ailment frustrates countless millions with additional symptoms, including itchiness, redness, excess tearing, blurry vision, and other daily discomforts.

Dry eye syndrome generally manifests as a result of either inadequate tear production or faulty tear production. It’s possible that one’s eyes are not producing enough tears. Or the ratio of tear components may be off since tears contain mucus and oil as well as water.

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How effective is IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment for dry eye syndrome?

To help as many of our patients achieve the most effective relief possible, we offer a complete spectrum of dry eye treatment techniques. And IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is one of our most promising treatments for sufferers of dry eye syndrome.

IPL treatments address the common eye ailments associated with meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), a significant factor or cause of many patients’ dry eye syndrome. The meibomian glands are vital structures: sebaceous located along the eyelids. As sebaceous glands, they perform the indispensable role of secreting the lipids (oil) that provide tears with one of their most essential components: the oils that help prevent and slow down the evaporation of the water-based components of tears.

And IPL treatments can help resolve MGD by using pulses of light to unclog the meibomian glands by liquefying the hardened oils that block off the glands and prevent proper function. As a result, tears topped with a superficial layer of oil can last longer without evaporating, helping patients enjoy improved comfort and reduced dry eye symptoms.

What other options do I have for treating my dry eye syndrome?

Of course, IPL treatments are just one (effective) tool in our arsenal of eye-health-improving options. We also offer the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System, which also combats MGD by heating up and massaging away blockages in a single visit.

Other treatment alternatives may include BlephEx, a safe and virtually painless in-office procedure that removes the many years of accumulated bacterial biofilm to clean the eyelids and improve eye health and hygiene.

Additionally, some patients may best benefit from punctal plugs, tiny devices we can carefully place in the tear ducts. These plugs are a semi-permanent or dissolvable treatment option designed to combat dry eye by stopping tear drainage. You can also employ numerous strategies in the comfort of your own home to relieve the exasperating effects of dry eye syndrome.

Eye drops or artificial tears are commonly used to relieve daily discomfort. Alternatively, many patients have found success by using Blephadex™ eyelid wipes. This simple addition to your daily hygiene routine utilizes all-natural substances to combat eye itchiness and other unpleasant symptoms without causing stinging or burning.

Behavioral modification strategies may also be useful, and we’ll review all your lifestyle factors and underlying causes to help develop the most effective plan for you. Plus, you can always do supplemental things to increase your comfort, such as placing a warm compress on the eyes, using air purifiers or humidifiers, or treating any underlying causes that could exacerbate dry eyes, such as allergies.

Find relief and alleviate your dry eyes in Chicago

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