Can Cataracts Cause Pain In the Eye?

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Cataracts can interfere with your daily life as they progress, making it harder for you to see because of blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and blindness in parts of the eyes. The clouding that extends over the lens will impair the quality of vision as well.

Cataracts themselves do not cause pains in your eyes, but they can lead to some other conditions that can be painful. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Tepper and the experts at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL can treat your cataracts through surgery to keep these problems from being worse.

Here are a few signs that you may be experiencing problems with your cataracts:

Sensitivity to light

The light sensitivity you experience from cataracts can be painful when you are exposed to intense lights. You may feel irritated when things are very bright. Sometimes, the sensitivity can also produce nausea and other problems caused by struggling to see things.

Many cataracts can develop from excess exposure to ultraviolet rays, including ones coming from the sun. You can control the pains from light by wearing sunglasses outdoors. But the sunglasses must also absorb UV rays to protect your eyes while you are outdoors.

Headaches may occur

The increased difficulty you have in seeing things can cause you to experience headaches. You will keep on straining your eyes to help you see things in various conditions. Therefore, you might feel pressure from trying to see. The headaches will become more significant when you strain your eyes more often.

Increased risk of injury

One reason you should consult us at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL is if you have cataracts, you could be at higher risk of injuring yourself due to blindness. Your impaired vision could make you struggle to go through many places, even the ones you are familiar with visiting.

Problems with your line of vision

You will not feel pain in your eyes if you have cataracts. The tissues in your lens will become thicker, but they will not directly interfere with how your eyes physically feel. The tissues will break down and start to spread throughout your eyes. They will not enter the nerves or other structures in your eyes, but they will crowd your line of vision enough to where you will experience blindness.

You will not notice any lumps or other changes in the texture of your eyes. You will instead notice the effects of cataracts when they become more prominent in your line of vision. The general threat of cataracts can be dramatic and can prevent you from managing your vision.

Contact us today for more information about cataract surgery

The only way to treat cataracts is through surgery. Dr. Daniel Tepper and the team at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL will help you through a surgical procedure, although we also provide treatments and solutions to help you manage your cataract symptoms if you prefer not to undergo surgery. You can schedule an appointment to visit our office on West Division Street in Chicago today.

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