Three Common Signs You Have An Eye Allergy

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Eye allergies can happen to anyone at any time. You may notice that your eyes have become red from the inflammation, and you might develop an itchy sensation. Sometimes, an allergy can trigger an infection or an injury to the cornea, especially if you keep rubbing your eyes. If this is happening to you, contact board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Tepper at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL. He can review your eyes with a comprehensive test to see if you have eye allergies. We can help find the right treatment solutions to alleviate or mitigate your eye allergy issues.

Here are three prominent signs to watch for when determining if you have an eye allergy:

Red eyes

You’ll notice your eyes becoming red if you have an allergy. The redness can develop as you encounter an allergen, like dust, pet dander, smoke, or anything else that might trigger the allergy.

The eyes will become red because the vessels in the area will be inflamed. The inflammation can cause irritation and pain in the area, plus you may notice an itching sensation. These problems will become worse if you keep scratching these features.

Sometimes, the redness can also produce a watery discharge from the eye. The discharge is considered painless, but it can create a mess and become annoying.


The itching from redness isn’t the only form of irritation you’ll feel when you have an eye allergy. Your eyes might feel a slight burning sensation. They might feel warm even when you try adding eye drops to them.

Some patients may also experience a feeling like something is stuck in the eye. It could feel like an eyelash has slipped behind the eye and won’t come out.

Our doctors at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL recommend you avoid touching your eyes if they feel irritated. Rubbing them can cause further harm and will not alleviate the situation any further.

Changes in vision

The third issue you may find involves changes in your vision. You could develop blurriness in your eyes, or you might become sensitive to light. These conditions can become worse if you are exposed to more allergens. The irritation can be rough on your eyes and can trigger some pains if you are not careful enough.

The vision changes are temporary, but they can be distracting throughout the day. Sometimes, they might irritate your ability to concentrate on anything you want to see. The pains can be rough on your eyes, but they won’t be an issue if you have someone on hand to assist you with whatever problems you have.

Contact us today for help managing your eye allergies

Eye allergies can be a real annoyance in your life, but it doesn’t have to be a problem when you know how to manage these conditions. Dr. Daniel Tepper at Wickerpark Eye Center in Chicago, IL can help you review your eye allergies and find a treatment plan that fits your life. Dr. Tepper and the eye experts here will help you with all of your eye health concerns. Visit our location on West Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago today to learn more about how we can help.

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