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What are the First Signs of Cataracts?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 08/21/2022

The first signs of cataracts may include blurriness, altered color vision, sensitivity, double vision, or seeing halos around lights.


What Should I Avoid if I Have Cataracts?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 07/16/2022

If you have cataracts, it’s best to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Find out more about your options for optimal eye health here.


How Can I Treat Eye Allergies at Home?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 06/26/2022

You can relieve allergies at home by keeping a clean space, practicing proper hygiene, and using OTC allergy medications, among other strategies.


My Eyes Are Sensitive to Light. Why Is This Happening?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 05/27/2022

Sensitivity to light can be caused by various factors, including allergies, inflammation, dry eye syndrome, infection, and other underlying conditions


Could Age Be Related to Your Dry Eyes?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 04/08/2022

Dry eyes are more common as we age, especially in women. While the condition might not seem serious at first, it’s important to get an evaluation.


In What Ways Do Cataracts Affect Vision?

Meet Our Team | 03/25/2022

Take a closer look at how cataracts can progressively deteriorate your vision, and find out what symptoms may mean you are developing cataracts.


Three Common Signs You Have An Eye Allergy

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 02/18/2022

Eye allergies can be annoying to deal with on a daily basis, but a visit to the ophthalmologist can help bring you some relief.


Will Dry Eyes Make My Eyes Sensitive to Light?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 01/28/2022

Dry eyes can cause your eyes to become sensitive to light, but it can be reduced with the proper treatment.


Can Cataracts Cause Pain In the Eye?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 12/27/2021

While cataracts do not cause pain directly, they can lead to many problems that can become painful.


My Eyes Are Red and Itchy. Could it be an Eye Allergy?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 11/14/2021

Itchy eyes could be an indicator of an eye allergy. Schedule a skin prick test to identify your triggers and learn how we can relieve your symptoms.


Will Dry Eyes Heal on Their Own?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 10/25/2021

Dry eyes left untreated can lead to serious complications, including eye infection and damage.


Relieve Yourself of Blurry Vision With Cataract Surgery

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 09/23/2021

Blurry vision is just one common symptom of cataracts. Learn how our team helps you achieve clear vision again through advanced cataract surgery.


PRK Candidates - Do You Qualify For PRK Eye Surgery?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 07/15/2021

PRK eye surgery is ideal for patients with corneas that are too thin or irregularly shaped for LASIK eye surgery.


Can Screen Time Cause Dry Eyes?

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 06/15/2021

When looking at a computer, tablet, or phone screen for a prolonged period, the eyes do not blink as much.


LASIK After 40

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 05/15/2021

Older patients may wonder if they can still undergo LASIK after the age of 40.


Eye Allergies and The Potential Effect On Ocular Health

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 04/11/2021

Allergies can cause significant discomfort, but many may wonder how eye allergies affect ocular health.


Top Tips to Maintain Your Vision At All Ages

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 03/24/2021

Taking steps to protect eye health should begin at an early age and continue throughout adulthood.


LASIK vs PRK Laser Eye Surgery

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 02/16/2021

What are the differences, and which one is right for you? Read on below to find out more about these two refractive surgery options.


Why Taking Care of Your Eyes During Winter Is Important

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 01/15/2021

Winter can be a tough time on our bodies, so we bundle up to protect against the biting cold. But what about our eyes?


Glaucoma vs Cataracts

Daniel Tepper, M.D. | 12/24/2020

While glaucoma and cataracts both impact the vision, they are two markedly different conditions.


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