Dr. Parisha Shah – Optometrist

Meet Dr. Shah

Dr. Parisha Shah is a fellowship-trained optometrist who earned her doctor of optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. She graduated with honors and began practicing in Chicago immediately after graduation. Dr. Shah is an optometrist at our eye care center, an active member of the American Optometric Association, and a member of the Illinois Optometric Association. Dr. Shah believes that trust between the patient and the doctor plays an important role in optometry, and she goes above and beyond to connect with each person on a deeply personal level when they walk through our doors.

Training and Experience

Dr. Parisha Shah is a medically oriented optometrist that provides comprehensive eye care. She has a particular interest in ocular disease, pre- and post-operative surgical care, and dry eye management. In addition, she has extensive experience with specialty contact lens fittings for various corneal diseases and myopia control via orthokeratology.

Dr. Shah understands the importance of creating a trusting patient-doctor relationship and strives to connect with each of her patients on a personal level.

Dr. Shah completed her undergraduate degree in biology at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in 2008. She then went on to receive her doctor of optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago in 2012. Here, she received honors for excellent patient care during her clinical rotations and graduated cum laude honors. She is an active member of the American Optometric Association and Illinois Optometric Association.

Dr. Shah has been practicing in the Chicagoland area since 2012 and currently lives with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and above all, spending time with her friends and family.


"I had an excellent experience at Wicker Park Eye Center.  As a medical student who has spent time at a number of different clinics, I would recommend this office.  The staff was courteous and capable.  The office was clean and recently renovated.  Of course, there was a slight wait for the doctor, but the office manager was actively moving things along and I never felt ignored or forgotten.  When the doctor arrived I felt like he cared about my problem, understood what I was trying to relate, and then was communicative about forming a plan for my treatment.  A couple side-notes: I was impressed with the level of Spanish that I overheard the doctor and his staff speaking in the room next to me.  Also, the doctor was well-informed about holistic/organic options in my treatment plan.  Parking is easy and the clinic location is ideal if you live or work anywhere near Wicker Park.  Totes awesome! Go here!"



"Called in Tuesday morning due to a speck of metal which was lodged on my pupil. Reception got me on the schedule for the afternoon. In and out in decent time, Dr Tepper was very patient with me and was able to remove the piece of metal with little fuss. This is the second time in 3 years I’ve had to get a piece of metal removed from my eye. In the previous occurrence the ophthalmologist who removed the foreign body prescribed me very expensive eye drops for the weeks following. At Wicker Park Eye Center Dr. T gave me similar/same eye drops from his cabinet which was unexpected and a huge relief for my wallet."



"Had a great experience each time I’ve been here.  I was having an eye issue that I went to five other physicians about that were not able to help me and Dr. Shah was able to quickly diagnose the problem and I’ve had no issues since! The rest of the staff was also very friendly and efficient. Had little to no wait time for my appointments. Would definitely recommend to others!!"



"I first saw Dr. Tepper over six years ago, after relocating from California. That’s where I discovered I had glaucoma in both eyes. I also have a thin cornea, so my eye pressure has to be a bit below "normal" to preserve my vision.The first ophthalmologist I saw in Chicago didn’t specialize in glaucoma. (Something his office failed to tell me when I made the appointment.) Turns out that was for the best. He referred me to Dr. Tepper and Dr.T. is fantastic!In Cali, I had been prescribed two very strong (and very expensive) drugs  to keep my eye pressure from destroying my optic nerve and blinding me. Even so, Dr. Tepper told me right away that he thought I had been medicated too aggressively given my age and overall health (54 at the time). He asked me if I would consider alternate medications that are not as caustic.I went for it and he monitored the results. The bottom line is that my eye pressure remained under control just as well as it did with my previous "designer" meds! Also 10X cheaper! No exaggeration. The cost went from $300.00/Mo to $30.00/Mo.Because of Dr. Tepper, I was able to get off of two separate corporate drug assistance programs (which are bureaucratic nightmares) and just pay out of pocket. This really simplified my life. More than that, I’m getting first rate medical care. One visit I wondered out loud if my blood pressure was too high and Dr. T took a reading on the spot.  I never had an ophthalmologist take my BP before! Dr. Tepper factors in all aspects of my health and fitness. He is not a shill for big pharma like a lot of doctors. He stresses a healthy lifestyle  instead of solely relying on meds alone. He also shares info about leading edge treatments, studies and breakthroughs relevant to my condition. His practice is busy, but Dr. Tepper never makes me feel like he is in a hurry to see another patient. He is extremely personable and sincere. Because of this and his expertise, I referred my mom (age 95) to Dr. T. She is super picky about doctors and SHE chose Dr. Tepper for cataract surgery. That says it all!"



"Spark notes version: I received kind, prompt, and expert care here. The ladies at reception are downright wonderful and, though a few times there was a little wait, it was generally no more than 10 minutes or so. The office is clean and staff is friendly; I saw Dr. Shah who was incredibly knowledgeable and who inspired confidence that I was receiving excellent care. The story: At the start of the year, I had sudden and severe pain in my left eye--I'm not one to go to doctors (yes, yes, i know I should), but this was beyond "wait and let it heal." I went to the urgent care and they assumed I had severe pink eye. After a week of treatment and worsening conditions (I could no longer open my eye, and when I forced it open, I couldn't see out of it. I really thought I was going to go blind in my left eye) they finally referred to Lotus Eye Care. I was almost immediately diagnosed with Iritis (inflammation in the eye). Dr. Shah was amazing; she prescribed a couple different eye drops and monitored the situation closely over a couple months. The pain (not to mention emotional) relief was almost instantaneous. Everything throughout my healing process was explained to me and I really felt that I knew what was going on and why certain treatments were prescribed, etc. Would definitely recommend."



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